Twig Jewelry, Draw Closer to Nature

Handmade Twig Jewelry is a new contender in the growing world of nature-inspired, custom jewelry. While trends such as raw gemstone jewelry have been around for a while, twig jewelry by contrast is quite new and adds an amazing twist to nature-inspired jewelry styles. This article explores some of the neatest things

Trend Setting Hip Hop Jewelry

Hip-hop jewelry is a trend setting fashion statement. The sales for rap style jewelry have been heavily influenced by the music business and the stars who endorse hip hop fashion. In-fact this has become a cornerstone in the image of a rap star.Hip-hop jewelry is a trend setting fashion statement.The product range of hip

Preserve Vibrancy with a Jewelry Box

On occasion it takes planning to find the right jewelry box for proper storage. Instead of shopping before planning ahead it’s best to evaluate your storage needs by organizing jewelry first. You’ll know whether you need more necklace drawers or ring slots, more small compartments or large ones. Sort your jewelry before you shop

Beautiful Diamonds Around the World

People have been wearing, buying, and selling jewelry since ancient times. In those times, Kings and Queens used jewelry to convey royal status and power. Various materials were employed, available for the manufacture of jewelry, often gold, and silver were used. The most expensive of which has been and remains diamond jewelry.

Jewelry To Complement Your Appearance

Do you know what type of jewelry you need? You need to pick jewelry based on your built. Are you tall and slender? If you buy a bracelet then it should fit your build. If you are short then you need a different type of jewelry. Then a certain style of jewelry will fit you. For tips on buying fine jewelry, see this article.Jewelry, an accessory

Peep Toe Heeled Shoes

Today we are going to discuss an engaging fashion trend which has made quite a stir from its very first day. If you watch closely the different fashion weeks like the Milan or the Paris Fashion week, you will see all the models wearing these classy Peep Toe Heeled Shoes which complement their fashion statement.The new trend

Fashion Design as a Career Choice

Are you considering a design career in the fashion industry? If you have a sharp eye for spotting trends and a good sense of fashion, a career down this path may be for you. Fashion designers create original designs for clothes and accessories to make them more appealing. There are a number of art and design schools that offer

Winter Fashion For Men

Although women often have more options than men when it comes to fashion and accessories, men’s choices are in no way limited. Each new season comes with its own trending designs, patterns, makes and qualities.Today not only women are conscious about their fashion but men are also becoming more conscious

Elegant Women’s Fashion

Fashion is a universal term. People all over the world try to define fashion. For some, fashion is about wearing stylish designer clothes and regular trip to the salon for fixing the stray strand of hair that always flutters out of place. It is about being prim and proper. To some it is about comfort. People find clothes and shoes fashionable if they

Australian Sheepskin Boots

All fashion observers have the interest of commanding attention when they are out in public. They stay in touch with the latest fashion trends by watching fashion shows and reading fashion magazines. They even search for chic hats, footwear, clothing, and clutches in order to enhance their appearance. It is always beneficial

Beautiful Diamonds Around the World

People have been wearing, buying, and selling jewelry since ancient times. In those times, Kings and Queens used jewelry to convey royal status and power. Various materials were employed, available for the manufacture of jewelry, often gold, and silver were used. The most expensive of which has been and remains diamond jewelry.

Diamond is commonly used for engagement and wedding rings because of the gems value and symbolism. Diamonds are cut in many shapes, the most common include oval, round, princess, cushion, emerald, heart, pear, radiant and marquise. Diamonds are a status symbol of privilege and wealth. Diamond jewelry is sometimes embellished with gemstones offering a beautiful look and increasing the bill. The price of diamond is not fixed just like precious metals. Price varies from quality, shape, cut, imperfections and many other factors.

The Koh-I- Noor Diamond

The koh-I- Noor diamond found in India is the most expensive diamond in the world with a size of 21.6 grams. The Koh-I-Noor originated in the Indian state of Andhra Pardesh but is now owned by the British crown. The specific value of Koh-I-Noor has not been determined, and the popular view is that this diamond is priceless.

The Sancy Diamond

The second most expensive diamond is the Sancy Diamond. It is also a priceless diamond. The weight of the Sancy diamond is 11.05 grams. It also originated in India and is now in the French Crown Jewel Collection housed at the Louver.

The Cullinan Diamond

The third most expensive diamond is the Cullinan diamond with a weight of about 621.35 grams. The Cullinan Diamonds price is $400 million.

The Hope Diamond

The fourth most beautiful and expensive diamond is the Hope diamond. The price of the hope diamond is $350 million. The diamond has a beautiful blue color and weighs about 9.10 grams. The hope diamond is now kept in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural history in Washington DC.

The De Beers Centenary Diamond

The De Beers Centenary Diamond is the fifth most expensive diamond. The De Beers Centenary Diamond is colorless and it is also internally and externally flawless. The weight of this diamond is about 54.77 grams. The price of De Beers Centenary Diamond is about $100 million.

The Steinmetz Pink Diamond

The sixth most expensive and beautiful diamond is the Steinmetz Pink. The size of Steinmetz is consists of 11.92 grams. It is more famous because of its fancy vibrant pink color. The price of Steinmetz diamond is about $25 millions.

The Wittelsbach Diamond

The seventh most expensive diamond is Wittelsbach Diamond. It is also known as Der Blaue Wittelsbacher. The weight of this diamond is about 7.11 grams. The Wittelsbach diamond is 40 mm in diameter and 8.29 mm in depth. The color and clarity of Wittelsbach diamond is compared to the Hope diamond. The price of Wittelsbach is about $16.4 millions.

The Heart of Eternity

The eight most expensive and popular diamond is The Heart of Eternity. The size of this diamond is about 5.528 grams. The color of this diamond is fancy vivid blue. The price of this diamond is $16 millions. Perfect blue diamonds are very rare, most of the time they have some sort of imperfection like a white side or gray and/or black undertones. One of the most well known perfect blue diamonds is the Heart of Eternity diamond. Its perfection granted it a place in the De Beers Millennium Jewels collection, which featured 10 of the most exquisite blue diamonds in the world.

The Heart of Eternity was found in the South African Premier Diamond Mine, which is the largest supplier of blue diamonds in the world. Don’t be fooled though, only 0.1% of their total production consists of blue diamonds which equals about 1 blue diamond each year. The honor of cutting this diamond into its current form befell the Steinmetz Group. They owned this precious blue diamond before selling it to the De Beers Group. The Heart of Eternity was first unveiled to the public in January 2000 as part of the before mentioned De Beers Millennium Jewels collection.

The Moussaieff Red Diamond

The ninth most expensive diamond is the Moussaieff Red Diamond with the price $7 million. One of the most remarkable things about diamonds is that they exist in nearly every shade of the rainbow. While colored diamonds are an unusual natural occurrence as a whole, the rarest of them all are red. In fact, according to the Cape Town Diamond Museum, only roughly 20 to 30 true red diamonds have been discovered, and the majority of them are less than 1/2 carat in weight.

As such, these gems also command some of the highest price tags ever set. That is why when a red diamond that weighs a whopping 5.11 carats is unearthed, it is bound to gain international attention. Even though 5.11 carats may not seem very large, the Moussaieff Red diamond is actually the largest fancy red stone ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America.

The Allnatt Diamond

The tenth most expensive diamond is the Allnatt Diamond with a price $3 millions. When Porter Rhodes traveled to the Isle of Wight in 1881 to show to his fine white diamond crystal to Queen Victoria and Empress Eugénie of France, who was at that time residing nearby, he helped to dispell a myth: South African diamonds were usually yellowish in color and therefore less valuable.

Both the Queen but in particular the Empress, who was knowledgeable about diamonds, believed this to be true and were, therefore, surprised to examine a fine white octahedral crystal originating from the Cape Mines of South Africa. It was not until the Excelsior was found in 1893, the Jubilee in 1895 and above all, the discovery of the Premier Mine in 1902 that South Africa finally achieved recognition as a source of large white diamonds as well as yellow ones.